Data Capturing

Data capture refers to the transfer of content and data into an electronic file or a computer. The procedure starts with collection of data from various sources such as questionnaires, survey responses, etc.

Common methods of data capture include batch keying, tally charts analysis, optical character readers such as bar code scanners and so on. Most businesses, however, continue to process almost 80% of their documents manually.

This is a time-consuming process, expensive and increases the probability of errors.

Copy forms from clients

Download forms from Clients Site

TIFF images are loaded into customised software

Create a New Data base

Design fields required by Client

Data Entry 1 Data Entry 2


Quality Check

Export as XLS or DBF

Write to CD Can be doc, excel, etc


Best InfoTech offers data capture and management in:

Data imaging involves the conversion of an image on paper to an electronic image. Once the hard copy is scanned, the source documents can be destroyed or archived. Processing continues from the electronic copy. This may involve optical character recognition

(OCR) Optical Character recognition or intelligent character recognition (ICR). Many fields of data are captured in a custom application that will be used for downstream processing such as mailings, order processing or financial systems. In these cases, the document must be accessible, but is likely only to be retrieved when needed. This especially applies to checks, legal documents and financial documents.

The industries that are targeted are as follows: